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Download Wise Registry Cleaner Modifica il Registro di Windows e ottimizza il PC. Wise Registry Cleaner è forse uno dei più sicuri strumenti per la. Wise Registry Cleaner, download gratis. Wise Registry Cleaner Analisi e pulizia sicura del registro di sistema. Wise Registry Cleaner download gratuito. Ottieni la nuova versione di Wise Registry Cleaner. Pulisce i registri di Windows e risolve i problemi ✓ Gratis . Wise Registry Cleaner come suggerisce il nome, può pulire le chiavi di registro e i valori non validi al fine di migliorare le prestazioni del vostro PC.

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Wise Registry Cleaner. Ciao, è più sicura di Ccleaner, è un ottimo pulitore di registro del sistema e di ottimizzazione di altri parametri, manca solo la gestione della cancellazione dei file temporanei di sistema, di internet, cache, cronologia ecc

So before using the registry cleaner in today's giveaway, bear in mind, that it is highly unlikely it will make your computer run faster or fix any problems you have and there is a small chance it will actually cause problems.

More experienced users, will be able to manually check the errors found and there is the option when you right click on a registry key to add it to an ignore list, so it won't be detected again. But, unless you have the time and knowledge to do this, it really is best to not use the registry cleaner. The risk of something needed is deleted, is greater than the chance that the registry cleaner, will speed up your computer or fix any issues you have.

On the other hand, using included System Tuneup module, may make your computer run faster and is safe to use. If you do want to fix problems with your computer. Windows Repair from Tweaking.

It can fix a lot of problems, is safe to use and there is a free version. The main difference between FREE and PRO is: " Multi-user Cleaning This new feature is ideal for computers that are used by more than one person, such as home computers which are shared by a family and public computers in public places.

People who have administrative rights can easily scan and clean all users' registry at once. In my small test, i used the Fast Scan option, the search went relatively fast, hence the name and it didn't give bogus results nor exaggerated much to clean, except for User MRU Lists and MUI Cache, which is a normal thing.

The type of results were pretty much what i expected in terms of how i use the computer and when i last cleaned it. That allows you to manually decide for every entry how to handle it.

You can also instantly clean certain categories separately from each other. A good advice is, don't delete empty registry keys, even if you think they have no value, they do have, let them be, that option is also disabled by default, keep it at that. Other than that, i would highly suggest you to activate the backup before cleaning option in the settings, in case something goes wrong, you can restore the uncleaned state. I would also suggest to not use the System TuneUp tools because most of the time, if you change something system related, you forget about which program did the changes and if you uninstall it, you may not be able to revert it back easily because you don't know that changes were made at all and where to find the option in question in your system to undo these.

If your PC runs fine aside from speed itself and you have no errors, don't use TuneUp tools or something similar that hints improvements in this regard, just take care of your installation and don't fill it with garbage, use a Virtual Machine VM or Sandbox to avoid cluttering your PC and thus, making it slower over time.

Only install what you really need, let a second system take care of the rest you might use in Dual Boot. Always be careful when using registry cleaners, you might only be one click away from a real disaster, like a unbootable system.


In regard to today's "Wise Registry Cleaner Pro 9. That's because all such software is. The software does not, because it cannot, take into account any and every variable in any and every computer system to which it is attached. And because it is amateurish rather than professional, its blunders range from the merely irritating to the downright catastrophic.

Wise Registry Cleaner free download

As such, therefore, a registry cleaner is never to be courted on its promised potential to do good, but its actual potential to do harm. Time and time again, over the years I've been on here, I've said that taking a registry cleaner to your computer is like taking a lighted candle into a shedfull of dynamite.

Yet in some ways, it's even worse than that, because at least if you drop the candle and set fire to the shed, the explosion will likely be immediate.

I know this from bitter experience of contending with friends' and family's bricked PCs. And so, I've no doubt, do many others here, all of us at one time or another asked to sift through the debris and pick up the pieces of a perfectly good computer wrecked because its user experienced a sudden rush of omnipotence and blithely clicked a button which would Fix Everything.

The vogue for 'registry cleaners', like the vogue for snake oil, was of a time and a place. The time was years ago, the place was Windows systems far less robust than they are now. Even then, the one-click-fixes-all solution was no solution at all but an attempt by software developers both reputable and much less so to cash in on the fact that for too many computer users, the desire to believe themselves in complete control of a technology they otherwise couldn't understand would overwhelm their commonsense.

Gosh: look at me! I can make my computer go faster even though I don't know the first thing about computing. I, personally, have never known a 'registry cleaner' achieve anything positive. I, personally, have known a 'registry cleaner' achieve everything negative -- and repeatedly so. This developer trades under the name of Wise, and that's fair enough.

But there's nothing -- absolutely nothing -- wise in any computer user trusting her or his PC to this kind of software. I know there will be plenty of people who will sing the praises of this but I urge you NOT to use it. Registry cleaners by their very nature have way too much chance to totally brick your system if you don't know what you're doing. They are NOT needed either due to the way Windows works.

Windows looks for the strings it needs and ignores what it doesn't need.

ANY "savings" in time is measured in milliseconds and if you've got enough invalid entries to really make a difference then I suggest you would save more time just doing a reinstall. Much safer too. I'm a PC tech with over 25 years of experience. I've run registry cleaners, from various vendors, on my and my clients' computers for years and never had a problem. The only time I screwed up someone's PC mine is when I was inexperienced, tried to manually edit the registry and had to do a complete reinstall of Windows.

What registry cleaners do is look for orphan registry entries that are no longer needed. I've never had Wise Registry Cleaner produce false positives, i. If it did they would soon pull the software from the market as consumers would be howling that it screwed up their systems.

It won't cause any critical issues, but it's still better not to remove the valid registry keys and the only way to do this is to manually check the results and uncheck any valid registry keys. As a technician, I would certainly hope you would do this.

Hopefully you also know that cleaning the registry is usually pointless. La seconda sezione, Ottimizzazione , promette di ottimizzare il sistema ma è molto generica. Il programma divide gli interventi nelle sezioni Accelerazione avvio e spegnimento , Stabilità del sistema , Velocità del sistema e Velocità della rete.

La terza sezione serve ad analizzare la frammentazione del registro di sistema.

Le principali funzionalità di Wise Registry Cleaner Free finiscono qui, ma dobbiamo segnalare delle attività secondarie che potrebbero essere utili. Tuttavia ci sarebbe piaciuto avere maggiori spiegazioni su alcuni meccanismi di pulizia come quelli della sezione Ottimizzazione. Spotify è il nuovo software per PC, tablet, smartphone e iPhone che ci permette di ascoltare musica in streaming in qualsiasi momento, vediamo come funziona.

Ottimo player multimediale gratuito dotato di un'ottima qualità audio con cui riprodurre ogni genere di formato sonoro. Il visualizzatore nativo dei contenuti multimediali realizzati con la famosa tecnologia tuttora ampiamente utilizzata nel mondo Internet. Wise Registry Cleaner Free.

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